Sony TV expects profits by end of year, says unit head

30 Jun 2014

A Sony 4K TV

The head of Sony’s TV division has said he expects the flagging sector of the electronics company to finally see profit by the end of the fiscal year.

Masahi Imamura spoke to reporters prior to Sony’s TV services’ move into an entirely new division within the Japanese company, called Sony Visual Products. The new division will incorporate some of Sony’s other products, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The company’s line of TVs has been suffering to the extent it hasn’t posted a profit in the last 10 years, and has reportedly been the subject of discussion within the higher ranks of the company. Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has even argued for the division to be sold off.

As a result, a compromise has been made, whereby the TV division will be included in the new spin-off division, which could see outside influences participate and try to boost the division.

However, Imamura did not divulge how much profit the company expects to make but said a significant reduction in fixed costs in tandem with a hopeful 19pc increase in TV sales to 16m units will help its profit margin.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic