Sustaining progress

7 Jul 2005

Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI), a state agency that promotes sustainable production, supply and use of energy, has rolled out a grant management system for tracking grant applications.

“We were looking for a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use solution that would allow us to efficiently track all grant details from application through evaluation to payments and completion,” said Tom Halpin, head of customer services, SEI. “We wanted to make that information available to our technical assessors and allow senior management to effectively monitor the awarding of public funds to ensure they are being applied appropriately in pursuit of government objectives.”

“The system stores all correspondence and supporting documentation relating to applications to ensure decisions are always fully informed,” said Tom O’Connor, director, Version 1 Software, which provided the new system. “We also designed integration with SEI’s accounts system to enable accurate and up-to-date tracking of pipeline and actual budget commitments, which combined with advanced reporting facilities gives management a complete operational view.”

GMS was developed using Version 1 Software’s framework development methodology, an approach that combines pre-built components that support common web-based functionality with bespoke application development to offer faster development of web-based business systems.

Pictured at the announcement of SEI’s new grant management system were Josephine Maguire, head of Finance, SEI, and Tom O’Connor, director, Version 1 Software

By Brian Skelly