Symantec cuts 70 Dublin jobs

29 May 2008

US technology firm Symantec has confirmed it is to cut 70 jobs from its Irish operation in Dublin.

The company announced 150 jobs were being placed under review at the manufacturing facility in Blanchardstown in early March.

Manufacturing and distribution operations are being moved from the Blanchardstown site to the Czech Republic.

Symantec said 40 people would lose their jobs at its Ballycoolin facility in west Dublin by the end of October, with the remaining jobs going during the first half of 2009.

The rest of the company’s 1,190-strong Irish workforce will not be affected, Symantec said.

“Ireland continues to be a very important hub for Symantec, especially in high-value roles such as R&D,” said spokesperson Dominic Cook.

Symantec plans to create 43 telesales jobs in Ireland in partnership with ServiceSource.

“The creation of 43 new jobs at ServiceSource is a further indication of our continued commitment,” said Cook.

“We made this decision after a detailed global operations review to enhance efficiencies and manage costs within Symantec.

“The vast majority of our workforce in Ireland will not be affected by this transfer. In addition, the management team that is needed to run the new manufacturing and distribution operations in the Czech Republic will continue to be based in Dublin.”

By Niall Byrne