Systems Solutions in major deal with Boots

2 Jun 2005

Dublin-based IT provider for the pharmaceutical sector Systems Solutions revealed this afternoon that it has signed a major deal with Boots The Chemists to roll out its flagship technology to manage Boots’ entire UK dispensing operation.

Boots has agreed to purchase QicScript Enterprise Plus, branded SmartScript within Boots, a best-of-breed Patient Medication Record (PMR) system.

QicScript Enterprise Plus is an enhanced licensing model, introduced by Systems Solutions to enable large-scale pharmacy chains to acquire access to the source code of QicScript Enterprise.

Access to source code enables a customer, such as Boots, to retain the benefits of using a proven product, while, at the same time, allowing bespoke modifications to be made. It’s the first model of its type to be introduced in Ireland and the UK and reflects Systems Solutions response to the requirements of large organisations to develop their systems flexibly in a dynamic healthcare arena.

Chris Cooper, programme manager for Boots The Chemists, says: “Systems Solutions has built a solid reputation for being a driving force in IT developments within the pharmacy sector.

“We believe QicScript is the best pharmacy PMR system available in the UK and it helps ensure that we deliver consistent, comprehensive services to all our patients, irrespective of the store they visit. QicScript Enterprise Plus will allow us to extend its capabilities, giving even more control over the system as we evolve and our needs change.”

By John Kennedy