Tango to tackle Middle East spam crisis

15 Jan 2007

Irish mobile messaging software firm Tango Telecom has revealed plans to help mobile operators in the Middle East fight SMS spam and provide them with converged charging technology.

The company has already won a contract with a mobile operator in the region and has successfully deployed its converged charging technology for SMS and GPRS.

Tango Telecom’s business development manager in the Middle East Rory O’Toole said that the company is launching its SMS anti-spam platform into the region.

Tango’s anti-spam software defends against a wide variety of abuses, including denial of service attacks, flooding and offensive content.

“While SMS Spam has yet to reach the levels of email spam, it is a serious and rapidly growing problem,” O’Toole explained.

“Spam detracts from the benefits of SMS as a legitimate communication and revenue-generating tool for operators and can lead to subscriber churn and loss of revenue, with some researchers quoting a loss in excess of $2bn per annum.

“A comprehensive solution such as Tango SMS Anti-Spam enables operators to combat these threats effectively regardless of where they originate — the home or foreign network.

“We are currently in talks with a number of operators in the region regarding their SMS spam issues.” O’Toole added.

By John Kennedy