Tech fund-raising glossary published

27 Nov 2002

A new 100-page Glossary of Venture Capital and IPO Terms aimed at Irish technology firms has been published today.

The glossary which was written and published by law firm Brown Rudnick is available for free. “This guide seeks to demystify this new language and to enable Irish business executives with limited time to learn the vocabulary of the fund-raising world and converse with the specialists on a level playing field,” said Mark Dorff, partner at the firm.

Brown Rudnick is currently working with close to 20 Irish technology companies, including Fineos and Eurologic Systems. The company has a worldwide revenue in excess of US$100 million and employs 225 lawyers. The firm has offices in Dublin and London as well as several offices in the US.

The firm specialises in a range of legal services, especially for technology firms that plan to operate in the US and the UK, covering intellectual property, taxation, private equity and venture capital, IPOs, stock options and employment law.

A copy of the glossary can be obtained by contacting Mark Dorff at

By John Kennedy