Tech Mex combo for Tango Telecom

12 Apr 2007

Mexico’s largest mobile operator Iusacell has signed a major deal with Limerick software company Tango Telecom to roll out Tango’s charging system for its pre- and post-paid data services.

Tango’s technology will be used to enable Iusacell to manage the billing on its CDMA data network.

“The iAX Data charging solution from Tango Telecom enables us to take advantage of new revenue streams that our existing billing platform could not capture, such as bundle packages and tiered pricing,” said Roberto Vargas, CIO of Iusacell.

“We evaluated a number of vendors and chose iAX Data because coupled with Tango Telecom’s unrivalled expertise in convergent charging it was the fastest and most flexible method for Iusacell to introduce data charging to prepaid subscribers,” Vargas added.

IAX Data is Tango Telecom’s real-time data charging technology for GPRS, CDMA and 3G networks.

The technology enables pre- and post-paid charging for all data and content services on both legacy prepaid and convergent billing systems.

“Iusacell joins a growing list of major operators benefiting from our revolutionary technology,” explained Richard Choi, vice-president of sales and marketing for Tango Telecom.

“With voice revenues on the decline, it is essential for operators to maximise the revenue potential from data services.

“IAX Data enables operators to meet this requirement by providing a feature-rich, cost-effective and scalable data charging solution which can be integrated seamlessly with their existing billing platforms,” Choi added.

By John Kennedy