Technology industry commands bulk of Irish exports

31 Jul 2013

The Irish Exporters Association has compiled a list of the top 15 ICT exporters in Ireland that shows Microsoft, Google, Dell, Oracle and Intel are the top technology exporters in Ireland.

The Irish Exporters Assocation published its annual report two weeks ago showing that technology, pharma and life sciences companies dominated the top 20 list of exporters out of Ireland.

“Long-term stalwart of the Irish software scene Microsoft led the charge with a 35pc growth in its exports bringing its total exports for the past year to €13.7billion and moving up to take the No 1 ranked Irish exporter in this year’s Top 250 survey,” said John Whelan, CEO of the Irish Exporters Association.

top 15 exporters

“Other global leaders such as Dell, Intel, HP, IBM and Apple who have long established operations in Ireland had less stellar growth as they continue to reposition themselves in differing global markets and decide how best to service these markets from Ireland.

“These more traditional software companies have been joined by newer digital media social platform software global players, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, PayPal, eBay and Twitter,” Whelan said.

top 20 exporters

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years