Telecity Group talking acquisition with Data Electronics

2 Aug 2011

Data centre provider Telecity Group is talking with Irish data centre operator Data Electronics about an acquisition valued at stg£100m (€114.3m).

Telecity Group has confirmed it is in discussions, which are an early stage, to take over Data Electronics.

UK-based Telecity Group is planning to expand in Europe on the heels of the growth of cloud computing and to double its computing capacity.

The company, which operates a data centre near Dublin, is constructing three new data centres in London.

Data Electronics is one of Ireland’s largest providers of data centre services. It recently made an investment in increasing capacity at its two data centres near Dublin and finished a €15m expansion of an eco-friendly data centre in north Dublin.

Sources in Dublin have told the Irish Independent the takeover talks were ongoing and a deal could be announced as early as this week.

A spokesman for Data Electronics also told the newspaper it was too early to comment on the talks.

Photo: Maurice Mortell, chief executive, Data Electronics

Maurice Mortell will be part of the panel discussion and Q&A with Lord David Puttnam at the Digital Ireland Forum – Friday, 30 September, 2011