Inspirefest snapshot: The woman who knows how to tell your story

29 May 2018

Thaler Pekar. Image:

Your business or organisation may have a compelling story to tell, but how can you communicate that most effectively? Enter Thaler Pekar, the woman who is an internationally recognised pioneer in the field of organisational narrative.

Everybody wants to be able to touch people’s hearts and convince them. It’s a revered skill because it’s both in-demand and difficult. It’s become even more coveted lately given how drastically the communications landscape has changed in the past decade.

Unfortunately, even the most compelling stories can risk getting lost amid the noise if they aren’t told in the best way – this is where Thaler Pekar truly excels.

As CEO and founder of Thaler Pekar & Partners, Pekar helps organisations to discover, develop and amplify stories that will best resonate with people, even within an increasingly complex marketplace.

One of her most revered efforts in this sphere was a video her firm created about LGBTQ refugees in South Africa who were driven out of their own countries out of fear of persecution.

It’s a much more complicated narrative than simply one where people go to a new place to be welcomed with open arms. Though these refugees are perhaps safer in South Africa, where equality is enshrined in the constitution, they still often face discrimination, homophobia and xenophobia.

Pekar partnered with Atlantic Philanthropies, the foundation created in 1982 by famed Irish-American businessman and philanthropist Chuck Feeney. The project was a resounding success and garnered a Telly Award, not to mention that it was also institutionalised for use by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Pekar’s success lies in her ability to distinguish which narratives will be most evocative for listeners and will best represent the core values of whatever the story hopes to represent.

It is this ability that has distinguished her as a sought-after strategist who can best advise on how to be not only heard and understood, but be influential, too.

“I advise savvy people who deserve to be heard and whose solutions demand to be better understood. So, I’m a story evangelist,” Pekar said, speaking to

“I lead a firm known for our deep expertise in eliciting, analysing and amplifying stories. We go beyond storytelling for merely imparting lessons or providing accounts. We direct organisations in hearing stories amidst a mess of data and information.”

How does she do it, you might ask? If you come to Inspirefest 2018, you’ll find out.

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Eva Short was a journalist at Silicon Republic