The Tuesday Push: FineTuna

9 Jun 2009

This week’s Tuesday Push focuses on a web app by Spoilt Child Design that could revolutionise the way developers and artists collaborate.

FineTuna is a web application from Spoilt Child Design that was created to solve a pain point for many developers and doodlers out there – it allows you to share an image with someone and they can give commentary about the image.

Every commentary page for the image has a short and unique web address, so it can be emailed, instant messaged, Twittered and so forth, and anyone can leave feedback for the image. Basically, it’s Tinyurl for image feedback.

Ideal for both a designer and their client, as well as someone sharing their latest Brian Cowen photoshop image, it’s proved popular. In the year since FineTuna was launched, over 25,000 images have been uploaded, shared and reviewed with more than nine gigs uploaded.

The interface is pretty much a single page with instructions guiding you on that same page. It’s an ideal solution for those who make a few images now and then and want some feedback.

However, for design professionals there could be an option in FineTuna for mass uploads and mass page creations, as a designer is going to be offering more than one image or design style to a client.

This could be reserved for a premium version, and perhaps this version too could have a way for a client to actually select parts of an image and leave notes on those parts.

All in all, FineTuna solves that pernickety issue that many of us have encountered, and does it in a simple and smart way.

What are your views on FineTuna?

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