Try, try again for broadband, says incumbent

16 Jan 2007

Customers whose phone lines previously failed tests to get connected with a broadband service from Eircom may be luckier second time round: the company has announced that it has extended the reach of broadband availability to cover customers already connected to broadband-enabled exchanges but whose line test previously failed due to the distance from the exchange.

The company has increased the reach of broadband availability, which means an additional 24,000 extra customers now qualify for broadband. The incumbent also said it was now taking all orders placed within the five main urban areas of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Galway and urged customers in these areas whose lines failed broadband tests to get them re-tested.

All together, Eircom said the new initiatives mean up to 36,000 extra people will qualify for broadband.

Eircom CEO Rex Comb said: ” As a result of the initiative to take all orders in the main urban areas and to extend the reach of broadband in rural areas, over 36,000 additional customers can now order broadband. Eircom has set itself very strong targets this year for increasing broadband availability and take up.”

By Niall Byrne