Tumblr president John Maloney quits

1 May 2012

The president of blog hosting platform Tumblr John Maloney resigned from his post this past weekend because his skills became less relevant as the company grew, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Tumblr has grown to number 100 employees and it has brought other department executives to lead operations in finance, engineering and human resources, the report said.

Maloney, who joined Tumblr in 2008, had said in an interview that broached the subject of moving on with the board earlier this year. While he said he enjoys the early phase of building a start-up, he is not so fond of running a large company. He remains a large shareholder.

“I am a good operator,” Maloney told The Wall Street Journal. “Am I one of those big network operators? That is not particularly interesting to me nor does it play to my strengths.”