TweetDeck in trouble with UK’s business regulator

14 Jan 2013

Twitter-owned TweetDeck faces trouble in the UK, having failed to file its financial accounts in 2012. The Twitter client that helps users manage their feeds was bought by Twitter in May 2011 for a rumoured sum of US$40m to US$50m. However, the UK-based operation is at risk of being struck off the register, having missed two deadlines to file its accounts in September and December last year.

Sky New reports that the company has already been issued with fines amounting to stg£750 for the missed deadlines, and it could now face a fine of stg£1,500, as well as debt recovery procedures and court action if it fails to file its accounts within 99 days.

Details of TweetDeck’s non-compliance are due to be published in The London Gazette, the UK government’s most prominent official journal of record, tomorrow.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic