Twitter launches a new online Business Centre

15 Dec 2010

Twitter has launched a new version of its Business Centre, giving companies advice on how to enhance their Twitter presence and letting them integrate its API on their website.

The site gives business-related information on what Twitter is and what the best practices are for promoting a company on the site.

It gives case studies on companies who successfully use Twitter, offers widgets such as Tweet Buttons and follow buttons and gives resources on how to integrate its API on a company’s website.

The Business Centre also has an advertising section. It encourages companies to take out ads on Twitter, informing them of what the options are. There is also a form allowing companies to show interest in advertising a product through Promoted Tweets, Trends or Products.

The form lets companies state their estimated monthly budget for advertising on Twitter, from less than $10,000 to more than $100,000. The service is still in beta, so companies can only register interest as opposed to applying outright.