Twitter’s head of developer relations to leave company

25 Feb 2015

Twitter’s head of developer and platform relations, Jeff Sandquist, has announced he is to leave his post after 18 months with the company.

Re/code first reported the news which has since been confirmed by Sandquist himself via his own Twitter account.

“Thank you Twitter for an amazing 18 months,” he posted.

“The team weve built, the product weve shipped. An absolute honor to have been here.”

Sandquist has been based in the social networks San Francisco, California, offices and his tenure included the launch of Fabric, a software development kit that, essentially, makes development, reporting, authentication and monetisation of apps easier.

Prior to joining Twitter, Sandquist held several different positions at Microsoft. The reasons behind his decision to leave his current employer, or where he might end up next, are not clear at this point.

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Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic