Ulster Bank to open until 7pm amid technical glitch

22 Jun 2012

Seventy-eight Ulster Bank branches will remain open until 7pm today in cities and major towns across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to help customers who have been affected by a technical glitch that has been dogging the bank since Wednesday.

Problems with Ulster Bank’s computer systems have affected about 100,000 customers. The glitch has disrupted salary transfers, direct debits and social welfare payments, causing a one-day delay in processing certain payments to bank accounts.

On its website, Ulster Bank informs customers who were due to be paid their salaries or receive a social security payment on Wednesday, 20 June, and who need to access those funds should go to their local branch with the details and ID.

ATM and Anytime Internet and Mobile Banking services are available but are reflecting a delay in customers’ balances, the bank said.

Ulster Bank said last night it is working on resolving the technical problem.

“Ulster Bank can confirm that we continue to experience a major technical issue which is resulting in a delay in processing certain payments and we apologise unreservedly for this,” the bank said.

“We have been working throughout the day to minimise the impact for our customers and customers of other banks. We continue to work to resolve this issue and to minimise the impact. We will ensure that those who are affected do not suffer any financial loss.”

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic