US tech company creates 300 jobs through expansion

22 Jul 2004 has learned that at least 300 jobs are to be created in the year as part of an expansion by Northbrook Technology in Derry. The jobs are being created due to broadband availability enabling the US tech giant to locate in lower cost locations.

Northbrook, which already employs 1,000 people in Belfast and Derry, is understood to be planning to open a new operation in the north-west of Northern Ireland.

It is believed that the 300 back-office IT jobs are being enabled through the increase in availability of broadband and video conferencing, which in turn gives Northbrook the freedom to place jobs in a low-cost location outside the US.

Northbrook Technologies, subsidiary of US insurance giant Allstate Corporation, employs 50,000 people worldwide, the majority of whom are based in the US.

By John Kennedy