US VoIP and software player locates data centre in Belfast

15 Jun 2004

A US voice-over IP (VoIP) company is investing £4.7m sterling to set up a data centre and technical support facility in Belfast. Florida-based Ocwen Financial Corporation, which specialises in software, VoIP and networking, will create 12 new jobs as part of the investment in collaboration with Invest Northern Ireland.

The investment will involve the construction of a data centre that will provide over half of all processing capacity and communications support for Ocwen’ global operations.

The operation will also serve as a global communications hub supporting international voice and data traffic support, routing and monitoring.

Ocwen utilises the rigorous project methodology of Six Sigma and is recognised as a sophisticated player in providing people, expert processes and technology to the mortgage and financial services industry.

William Erbey, chairman and CEO of Ocwen, commented: “This investment is integral to our strategy for growth. The Northern Ireland facility will enable us to continue to expand our global presence and strategic operations, including the addition of extensive activities within Europe. In addition, we will be physically closer to the Asian markets. I’m confident that the Belfast operation will play an important role in the ongoing development and success of Ocwen.”

Announcing the investment, Leslie Morrison, chief executive of Invest NI, said: “This project will accrue significant benefit to the economy. It is creating quality jobs and introducing new technologies that will further enhance and diversify the skills of Northern Ireland’s workforce.”

“The project was identified and pursued by the Invest NI team in Atlanta and Belfast, and through their dedication we have secured this investment for Northern Ireland.”

Morrison added that Ocwen had considered several other locations within Europe but was drawn to Northern Ireland because of the available skilled workforce, advanced telecommunications infrastructure; and the professional support and financial support offered by Invest Northern Ireland.

“In the long-term the Ocwen project offers tremendous growth potential and will provide an excellent opportunity for Northern Ireland to further expand its information and communications technology sector. We’re continuing to invest substantially in companies with the ability to enhance their global competitiveness and add value to the Northern Ireland economy,” Morrison said.

By John Kennedy