Virtualisation can cut costs by 80pc — Qualcom

23 Jun 2006

Deployment of virtualisation technology could cut the operational costs of running servers in a business by between 50pc and 80pc, IT services player Qualcom systems claimed yesterday.

Qualcom has been expanding its focus on the storage market and last month signed a partnership agreement to sell IBM storage hardware.

This week the company revealed that it has signed a partnership with VMware to sell its virtualisation products.

Qualcom managing director Ken Breen says that using VMware’s virtualisation technology can bring about long-term savings in total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT infrastructure by up to 70pc.

Virtualisation technology is in one of the fastest growing areas in IT.

In large enterprise environments where physical space is at a premium, money- and space-saving technologies are in growing demand. Virtual infrastructures reduce the amount of space occupied by servers and cut IT costs through increased efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness, Breen said.

Breen commented: “VMware’s innovative software improves the overall computing experience by offering versatile space and money-saving opportunities.

“Qualcom continually strives to reduce the cost of ownership, increase flexibility of mission-critical processes and bring the most responsive service and product offerings to our customers.”

By John Kennedy

Pictured are Ken Breen, managing director of Qualcom Systems; Rob Carney, Leinster rugby player; and Iain Blyfield, reseller manager, Ireland and UK, VMWare