VMware acquires app analytics start-up Apteligent in UX push

16 May 2017

User experience is key. Image: By SFIO CRACHO/Shutterstock

Optimising mobile apps and general UX improvements are the order of the day in this era of the digital age. That’s why VMware snapped up Apteligent.

Companies do not always detail the full suite of reasons behind acquiring start-ups. Often it’s along the lines of, ‘We do similar things’, or, ‘Our teams have the same ethos’.

For VMware, though, today is a little different. The company’s SVP and GM of desktop products and solutions, Sumit Dhawan, revealed a lot more regarding VMware’s acquisition of Apteligent.

Pinning the main reason behind the move on UX and front-facing impact, Dhawan noted how “negative end-user experiences”, regardless of improved products at the back-end, can cost companies, big time.

“Organisations are increasingly building mobile and cloud applications as part of their digital transformation journey,” he said.

“As they embrace these applications to conduct business and perform mission-critical processes and tasks, negative end-user experiences affect engagement and productivity, which can directly impact revenue.”

As a way of mitigating these risks, companies have to invest in sufficient end-to-end solutions because the customer experience is paramount.

Dhawan said that is why VMware snapped up Apteligent, a company that will allow it to provide more tools to customers, building and optimising mobile apps.

Originally a monitoring tool for things such as problem reporting, Apteligent has morphed into a bigger beast, enabling the analysis of user behaviour and experience within apps.

Dhawan said this further reinforced the company’s “commitment to [helping] our customers through their digital transformation journey”.

Joining the fold

And on this point, he has some evidence. Only last month, VMware bought Wavefront, the metrics monitoring service for companies born in the cloud era.

“Wavefront already has an impressive list of customers, and their technology allows us to leapfrog into application management of next-generation modern applications,” said the company at the time.

Tying this in with VMware’s 2016 acquisition of Arkin (now vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight), the company’s intentions are clear.

“We are confident that our customers will ultimately benefit from adding Apteligent’s talent and technology to the VMware portfolio of products, and I look forward to the day we can share more about our upcoming integrations together,” said Dhawan.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic