Vodafone ARPUs on about soaring sales

27 May 2003

Vodafone Ireland has reported rising average revenue per user (ARPU) figures that have contributed to an overall increase in turnover worldwide at Vodafone Group by 33pc to reach sales of £30.4bn sterling.

Announcing an increase in customer numbers by 10pc, the company said that data revenues, including web access, as well as text and picture messaging, soared to £3.6bn sterling. The company now has 119.7 million registered customers worldwide. Earnings before interest, depreciation,tax and amortisation (EBIDTA) increased 36pc to £8.43bn sterling and net losses narrowed to £9.8bn sterling from £16.2bn sterling.

Locally, Vodafone Ireland increased its customer numbers from 1,704,000 to 1,740,000. Meanwhile ARPU for the year rose to €553, an increase of €19 on September last year. The company attributed this to voice usage – which is the highest out of all of Vodafone’s European operations – and data usage, which is now exceeding 20pc of total service revenues.

Key milestones in the local operation’s year included the launch of new product sets such as content portal Vodafone Live!, its EmailAnywhere product and the Mobile Connect Card. Irish Vodafone Live! customers account for 4pc of the overall Vodafone Live! customers across Vodafone Group. Other highlights included the launch of free voicemail services, prepaid roaming and Vodafone Ireland becoming the first local operator to roll out its 3G network.

Vodafone Ireland CEO Paul Donovan (pictured) commented: “This year has seen Vodafone Ireland’s customers truly benefit from being part of the world’s largest mobile community. The rollout of global products such as Vodafone Live! and Mobile Connect Card, and service enhancements such as prepaid roaming top-ups, which make customers feel at home with Vodafone no matter where they travel – have been strongly received by our customers.

“Our low levels of customers inactivity illustrate that we are delivering the level of customer service and satisfaction that is demanded from our 1.74 million customers.

“Our brand awareness is now the highest scoring in the mobile market in Ireland and positions us strongly to take advantage of the continuing and exciting opportunities in the market,” Donovan said.

By John Kennedy