Wearable tech player Shimmer in €10m US medical devices deal

24 Mar 2014

(Left to right) Paul Doherty, VP of sales, Shimmer, and Joyce Power, quality engineer

Irish wearable sensor company Shimmer has won a €10m contract with US company Emerge Diagnostics to provide technology to improve the management of occupational injury claims.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, soft tissue injuries (STI’s) account for an estimated US$200bn annually in lost work hours, with workers’ compensation making up the largest component of this cost.

Shimmer’s technology helps diagnose the severity of conditions to improve claim management and clinical outcomes.

“Shimmer and its technology has been central to our new FDA-cleared soft tissue diagnostic instrument,” said Robert Thompson, CEO of Emerge Diagnostics.

“Emerge plans to ship over 2,000 units in the next three years, creating a completely new product and service category.”

EFA testing consists of a comprehensive body monitoring system, including 28 wearable sensors harvesting a whole range of movement and biophysical data related to the person.

This includes sensors for EMG, strain/force gauges and motion capture sensors (accelerometers). Using lightweight wearable sensors, this new system moves diagnostics from the wired to wireless and offers improved functionality and mobility.

“Shimmer has been working closely with Emerge Diagnostics for a number of years to develop their Shimmer-based solution for muscle injury profiling,” said Shimmer CEO Paddy White.

“We’ve got to know the Emerge team really well primarily through our Boston facility, and our relationship has resulted in their product achieving FDA approval. With pent-up demand already in the market, we expect strong growth over the next three years, and we are looking forward to the upswing this will have on Shimmer’s output.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years