Weekend Takeaway: Get your fill of big ideas and good advice

31 Aug 2018

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This week’s essential reading is a mixed bag featuring innovators tackling big ideas, leaders with good (and bad) advice, and some tips you can put into action right away.

12 big ideas tackling healthcare, manufacturing, food waste and more

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Looking ahead to next week, Enterprise Ireland is getting ready to showcase 12 investor-ready Big Ideas tackling some major issues. Which one do you think will walk away with the One to Watch Award?

Think lab-grown organs are already here? Think again

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Oran Kennedy, research lecturer at RCSI. Image: SFI

With such innovative ideas in development, we can sometimes get ahead of ourselves. Biomechanical engineer Oran Kennedy warns against the misconception of scientific developments being more advanced than they are in this week’s Science Uncovered, as well as explaining his work researching knee injury and disease at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Diversity in engineering: ‘I think it’s shifting, but it’s shifting slowly’

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Future Human

In a week where Queen’s University Belfast received £500,000 in funding to boost diversity in STEM, we also profiled Dr Ann O’Connell, an industrial researcher at Irish Manufacturing Research. Colm Gorey spoke to O’Connell about ushering in some of the latest advancements in manufacturing in a typically male-dominated field.

Why Jeff Bezos is wrong about the term ‘work-life balance’

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Jeff Bezos at the Amazon Spheres grand opening in Seattle, January 2018. Image: Seattle City Council/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Whether you’re in a lab coat, sat at an office desk or running around an Amazon warehouse, it’s important that you aren’t overworking and neglecting your life outside the job. For our Careers editor Jenny Darmody, work-life balance is so much more than a buzzword, and recent reductive comments from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos are extremely damaging.

‘The mobile business is moving at lightning speed’

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Ciaran Cleary. Image: Sony Mobile Ireland

From one leader to another, this week’s Leaders’ Insights came from Sony’s Ciaran Cleary. Fresh from IFA 2018, the head of Sony Mobile Ireland filled us in on the biggest challenges facing the mobile manufacturing industry today.

Top tips from commencement speeches for your career

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Speaking of insights from those who have walked the road ahead, Careers reporter Eva Short compiled some great nuggets of wisdom from commencement speeches delivered by David Foster Wallace, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Colbert and more. This comes as our Graduates Month coverage draws to a close, and new career journeys are just beginning.

You only need these two things to start a bullet journal

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If you’re about to start a new role or project, or simply want to get your life and work in order, I highly recommend you try a bullet journal. Don’t be scared off by intricate online templates –it’s much easier to get started than you think.

How do I protect my accounts? A guide to multifactor authentication

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More tips this week came from Ellen Tannam, who compiled this guide to multifactor authentication to help you better protect your online accounts – an essential part of life on the internet.

Is it OK to track behavioural biometrics under GDPR?

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While biometrics is one of the myriad ways you can secure your online accounts, platform-owners need to be certain their use of this tool is in compliance with EU regulations. The technology team at William Fry explained how the use of behavioural biometrics can raise privacy issues under new GDPR rules.

Scientists find sleep ‘sweet spot’ to reduce chances of having heart problems

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Finally, after all that reading and a long week, you need your rest. Good to know, then, that when when it comes to heart health, researchers believe there can only be one answer for how much sleep you need a night.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic