Weekend takeaway: Ireland shines bright as nation of innovation

3 Feb 2017

Ireland is lighting the way for healthcare, marine renewables and tech leadership. Image: Per Bengtsson/Shutterstock

From Irish innovation to pioneering research in computing and healthcare, we take a look at the big stories in the sci-tech world this week.

1. Who are Intel’s three new Irish vice-presidents?

Three new Irish executives have been promoted to the rank of vice-president at Intel.

2. Ireland to lead €10.5m EU marine renewable energy project

The Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland centre based in University College Cork will lead a €10.5m EU project to accelerate offshore renewable energy technology and infrastructure.

3. Hack and map the future of healthcare to win €5,000

Coders and entrepreneurs have the chance to win up to €5,000 if they can marry Eircodes with open data to create useful healthcare apps for citizens.

4. QUB scientist forges new frontiers in chronic airways disease

Dr Lorraine Martin combines her entrepreneurial and scientific skills to understand more about the molecular mechanisms behind chronic airways disease. She spoke to Claire O’Connell.

5. The 6 things you need to know about Snap’s $25bn IPO

Snap has filed for a massive IPO and will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Here are the six things you need to know.

6. Three teams come up tops at SpaceX Hyperloop competition

With at least a year of development behind them, three universities have finally been able to test their Hyperloop pod designs on SpaceX’s specially built track, but many were not able to take part.

7. March for Science date confirmed for 22 April – Earth Day

The global scientific community has come together to agree that, on 22 April, the same date as Earth Day, there will be a March for Science to protest against potential threats from US president Donald Trump.

8. AI has now mastered chess, Go and poker – what next?

AI had a breakthrough year in 2016, with Google proving its technology could outsmart even the best Go player. But poker? We thought that was impossible.

9. Researchers release first practical blueprint for large quantum computer

A team of international researchers has taken us one step closer to the quantum age, with the release of the first ever blueprint for a large-scale quantum computer.

10. China researchers use CRISPR to develop TB-resistant cows

The dawn of the CRISPR age of biology has proved as exciting as perhaps any preceding era, with the creation of TB-resistant cows now being reported.

Shelly Madden was sub-editor of Silicon Republic