Xerox signs all-Ireland €6m document deal with BT

26 Jul 2004

Xerox has signed an all-Ireland services deal with BT that will see the telco outsource its entire printing and document management needs to Xerox. The five-year deal is understood to be worth €6m.

The Xerox solution includes an outsourced printroom, mailroom and fleet management service. The upgrade of equipment in the printroom involved the installation of a 6060 colour digital press offering enhanced quality and speed for document production.

The contract also includes a complete upgrade of Esat BT and BT Northern Ireland’s office equipment to fully integrated multi functional devices which will ensure better utilisation of assets in the office environment and greater transparency across the cost base for printing and faxing services and products.

Colour functionality and devices with multifunction capability have been growing in popularity in the office environment over the last 18 months. A more recent trend is towards coupling this added product capability with a managed services offering which organisations are saying assists them in achieving optimal asset usage.

Bob Horastead, director and general manager Xerox Ireland, said: “We are experiencing increased demand for multifunction as well as colour devices. But what is specifically interesting about this contract is the service ‘wrap’ that BT has bought.”

“We estimate that customers who create an integrated service and document management environment can expect to experience greater transparency and business efficiencies along with an up to 30pc savings on cost.”

By John Kennedy