Yahoo executives abandon ship

30 Sep 2010

Yahoo is undergoing executive strife, as three of its top executives are reportedly to resign from the company.

According to All Things Digital, Yahoo’s top US media and advertising executive Hilary Schneider will leave the company, along with two executives working under her, US audience head David Ko and VP of Media Jimmy Pitaro.

These sources say Schneider has wanted to leave the company for awhile, but Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz convinced her to stay.

Schneider will stay on at Yahoo while the company searches for a replacement.

Ko is reportedly leaving because his control over properties under him is being moved to chief product officer Blake Irving.

The entire debacle has called Bartz’s tenure as CEO into question. She was brought in to bring stability to Yahoo after a failed takeover attempt by Microsoft.

Apart from striking a search technology deal with Microsoft, not much has changed in Yahoo.

With stalled innovation, ailing advertising growth and talent leaving, people are speculating that she may be replaced by the time her 18-month contract runs out.