Young Cork firm RedMere’s HDMI devices top 1m sales

20 Oct 2011

Cork-based electronics company RedMere, which specialises in HDMI devices for major OEMs including Samsung as well as retailers like RadioShack, has revealed it has surpassed 1m in sales of its patented self-powered booster modules for HDMI cables.

The company has sold the devices through global cable brands and OEMs, including Vizio, Samsung, PNY, Monster, RadioShack, Buffalo Supply Inc and Kordz.

RedMere’s patented technology allows HDMI cables to be made ultra-thin and portable.

The company is capitalising on increasing demand for HDMI-enabled handheld products, such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and video games that now connect to a HDTV or HD projector anywhere.

Before RedMere successfully developed this revolutionary chip technology, passive HDMI cables needed large amounts of copper and PVC to handle the high-speed data rates which made the cables heavy and bulky.

Because of RedMere’s booster module, consumers can now buy a 10-foot active HDMI cable that is thin enough to coil up in their palm or pocket, but will support high-definition signal transfer, deliver picture-perfect HD images and sound, and is 3D and 4K2K compatible.

Irish firm emerges as leading provider in growing HDMI market

“Not only has RedMere exceeded expected revenue figures for 2011 but to reach the 1m unit sales mark so early in a young company’s history is a sure sign that RedMere is the leading technology provider in the active HDMI cable market,” RedMere’s CEO, Ruud van der Linden, explained.

“We work with the highest possible quality cable manufacturers, distributors and OEMs to help deliver what now is a global product – the ultra-thin active HDMI cable using RedMere’s booster module inside the connector,” van der Linden added.

RedMere’s booster module is embedded into the sink (TV) side connector of the HDMI cable.

The programmable active silicon embedded equaliser overcomes any performance limitations over wire gauge, length and frequency – allowing the self-powered module to act as the power house of the cable, replacing the need for all the copper to transmit the signal reliably.

Every single cable is individually tested at production, and compliance is fully guaranteed with the high-speed HDMI standard, future proofing these super-slim cables against 3D or 4K2K compatibility.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years