Zynga confirms acquisitions of four mobile gaming companies

19 Jan 2012

Zynga has spelled out its stance on SOPA, PIPA and internet censorship

Behind the scenes in Q3 2011, Zynga, the chief social game developer for Facebook, bought four mobile game companies, as it strives to ramp up its foothold in the mobile space.

Zynga’s head of mobile operations David Ko yesterday confirmed the acquisitions to Reuters, but he declined to comment on the financial details.

The most recent acquisition was in December of the Germany-based Gamedoctors. Founded in 2009 by Matthias and Thomas Höchsmann, the game development studio is based in Bielefeld, Germany. Its first game ZombieSmash is available for iOS devices.

Back in August, Zynga apparently also acquired Page44 Studios, the San Francisco-based video-game developer, which Steven Apour and Denis Fung founded in 1998.

Zynga also acquired the mobile application platform HipLogic in August. The company uses UI design and is based in San Francisco.

The company’s fourth acquisition in Q3 2011 was of the New York-based game studio Astro Ape Studios. This studio has produced mobile social games such as Office Heroes, Desert Heroes and Montsterz Revenge.

Last month, Zynga raised US$1bn in its initial public offering, which was said to be the largest internet IPO since Google at the time. Shares began trading as ZNGA on Nasdaq on 16 December. Since then, however, Zynga’s shares have been dipping.

Zynga’s most recent social game app to launch is Scramble With Friends. It’s now available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic