10 IT support memes that everybody understands

24 Sep 20153k Views

We’re pacing down a familiar path this week, taking a look at IT support, the end of the line for our patience.

IT support is a job that operates in a weird sphere of frustration, handed back and forth between customer and specialist in an odd, unhappy game of verbal tennis.

Perhaps it’s the immediacy with which we come to rely on our technology, but there’s something infuriating about a device that doesn’t work as it should.

We want it fixed, we want it now, and IT support should help us towards that fantastical ideal.

Spare a thought, though, for IT support workers that must become infuriated when us simple users don’t work as we should.

They want us responsive, they want us to learn and wish they could finally teach us some IT cop on.

The reality is often a laboured phone call or email from an exasperated worker, an initially spritely response from IT support, before a gradual and inevitable procession towards signposted statements.

“Is the machine on?” “Can you turn it off and back on again?” “Can I call you back?”

Here are some memes and videos to better describe the sorry exchanges.

IT support memeIT Support MemesIT Support Memes


IT Support MemesIT support memes

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