10 memes only a doctor should understand, but you might too

17 Jul 2015

This week’s odd look at the STEM world casts its gaze on medical doctors, people you rarely see, always fear, and constantly moan about.

Medical doctors are an odd breed in that they reach their 50s before the balance between ‘life spent after studies’ outweighs ‘life spent in studies’.

Given that they constantly need to stay on top of new techniques and procedures, the learning phase never really ends for doctors, it seems.

Of course, throughout their studies, many doctors establish what many a patient considers a ‘God Syndrome’, something incredibly easy to diagnose but impossible to cure — because as patients, doctor’s hardly need to listen to our whingeing.

But without these white-coated masters, where would we be? Well… dead.

What they do: Medical doctors are people that try to maintain, improve or slow the decline of patients’ health.

What they don’t do: Solve mystery illnesses with a crack team of attractive understudies, breaking into patients’ homes and searching for clues that inevitably lead towards a lupus diagnosis. For those who haven’t seen House, eh, read on.

Educational requirements: High grades in school followed by years of heavy-duty study in college.

Skills: A brain like a sponge. A white coat.

Here are some memes, videos and a gif of Homer Simpson that should please you.

Doctor memes doctor memes and then i said doctor memes god

doctor memes house Doctor memes oops

Doctor memes Patient thanks god doctor memes writing

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Gordon Hunt
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