10 memes only a geologist should understand, but you might too

30 Jul 2015

This week’s look at the STEM sector brings us to geology, the profession just a stone’s throw (sorry, not sorry) away, offering a rocking (sorry, not sorry) route to employment.

Geologists study the earth, often peering down at their shoes while all around them gaze at the stars.

Investigating how nature and a plethora of materials make up our planet, geologists are cargo-trouser wearing detectives, slowly, gradually discovering what lies beneath, trowel in hand.

Geologists explore the myriad processes that shape the Earth, establishing what’s behind climate change, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and landslides.

Attempting to put order on what’s underfoot, geologists list, document and try to establish the age of stones, faults, mountains and more.

What they do: Rocks.

What they don’t do: Stars.

Educational requirements: An undergrad in geology at the very least, with an awful lot of field work. This can include classes in geology (obviously), mathematics and other elective sciences. Jobs vary from a researcher in an educational facility to a mine geologist, a palaeontologist to a seismologist, depending on which direction they go in.

Skills: Patience, the ability to diligently take notes – lots of notes – and an investigatory mind.

Here are a few memes and videos that, hopefully, geologists find a bit funny.

Geology memes - Velociraptor-free

Geology memes - rock types

Geology memes - under pressure

Geology memes - Carbon

geology memes - plateau

Geology memes - schist

Geology memes rocket science

Geology memes - faults

Main image via Shutterstock, opening meme via Reddit, final three via Shutterstock, others via Imgflip and The Poke.

Gordon Hunt
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