10 memes only a teacher should understand, but you might too

3 Sep 2015

This week’s look into the world of STEM brings us to teachers, those charged with broadening the minds of children, without losing their cool.

The schools are back, meaning two things: Firstly, traffic is a nightmare for people who don’t cycle. Secondly, teachers are getting that nagging headache they thought was gone these past few months.

Teachers have it tough. Whether it’s primary school doubled with day care, or secondary school thrown in with the introduction to adulthood, there’s no respite for teachers.

From late August until mid May, teachers spend more time with the children of the country than perhaps anyone else.

Questions, confusion and learning by rote, it’s hardly easy for the students. But the stress levels teachers go through must be immense.

Trying to help children learn the wonders of science and maths from a young age, or engineering and arts as they grow, is a task few are fit for.

However, every year thousands more graduate to enter the field.

What they do: They manage children, essentially, teaching them the full scope of the curriculum at hand, and much more besides.

What they don’t do: Enjoy the constant questions.

Skills: Patience, empathy and enthusiasm.

Educational requirements: Depending on what level you wish to teach at, a college degree at the least is what’s needed.

Here are 10 memes and videos to hopefully lighten the mood, the latter of which is a science experiment I really wish my teacher showed me.

Teacher memes

Teacher memes

Teacher memes






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Gordon Hunt
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