10 memes only a zoologist would understand

8 May 2015

This week’s closer look at a STEM profession looks at zoology, which scores 20 on a Scrabble board and lets the few lucky workers hang out with penguins.

There’s perhaps a moment in everybody’s youth when the thought of becoming a zoologist crosses their minds.

Not the studying or the menial, laborious data entry that ultimately makes up a large proportion of a zoologist’s career.

But rather the volleyball with seals, climbing with orangutans, wrestling tiger cubs and swimming with dolphins.

Alas, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

What they do: Zoologists study animals, their interactions and their ecosystems. They study the physical characteristics of animals, animal behaviors, and the impacts humans have on wildlife and natural habitats.

What they don’t do: Devolve into manic millionaires hellbent on creating an island of recreated dinosaurs, before noting the error of their ways at far too late a stage.

Education requirements: Degree at a minimum. Zoology can be studied at both undergrad and postgrad levels. The higher the qualification, the better the opportunity. A PhD is needed for most positions involving original research and developing plans for conservation or management.

Skills: Scientific writing, conceptual thinking, critical thinking, avid learner and an awful lot of luck.

Salary: This industry is heavily weighted on qualifications. Jobs vary from ‘executive scientists’ (€46,000+) to a whole swathe of zoology-based professions (€30,000+). The ceiling depends on location, experience and qualifications.

Below are some memes and videos to better portray what zoologists and wildlife biologists have to go through. And some awful jokes. Because.

Zoologists - What society thinks I do

Work in a zoo, they said

One zoo pass, one ticket to the gun show

What replaced the tape worm

Everybody be cool

Biologists' genes

You'll make me puma pants

Lion with terrible wig

Come here often orangutan

Of course, we couldn’t let you go away without this infamous video of a fox making a sandwich. So here:

Giraffe image, via Shutterstock

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