Workers at US firms pocket nearly double average wage in Ireland
A pool table at Google in Dublin. Google has become one of the biggest employers in Dublin, if not Ireland, with more than 6,000 direct and indirect staff members. Image: Google

Workers at US firms pocket nearly double the average wage in Ireland

3 May 2017

Overpaid, overtly techie and over here: How workers at US FDI companies are doing very well for themselves in Ireland, in terms of the average wage.

Ireland became one of the most globalised nations in the world in 2015, according to a new report by the Central Statistics Office.

The report published today (3 May 2017) shows that the US is by far the biggest investor in Ireland, and workers in US firms earn almost double the average industrial wage.

According to the report, FDI stock – the value of foreign investors’ equity in enterprises based in Ireland – surged to 311pc in 2015, above the EU average of 47pc and the OECD average of 36pc.

This was a 132pc increase from €343bn to €796bn between 2014 and 2015.

US firms trump other employers in terms of average wages

Workers at US firms pocket nearly double average wage in Ireland

Image: Central Statistics Office of Ireland

Employment in FDI companies in this period surged 1.5pc from 301,533 to 305,952.

The average annual wage in a US multinational now stands at €59,836, and the value of US FDI stock in Ireland is €581bn.

Salaries in US firms in Ireland are almost double the industrial earnings average of €36,519.

The next big investor in Ireland is the UK with €19bn of stock, Germany with €12bn of stock and France with €8bn of stock.

Wages in these firms were on average €34,691, €42,039 and €45,221 respectively.

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