Survival of the fittest: Career Advice
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Survival of the fittest: How to be your best self in your job

14 Apr 2017

Sometimes, being the best at your job is about looking after yourself as much as possible.

At any stage of your career, you might be in need of a little advice. Hunting for a job can be a serious challenge, getting your CV right can be tough and then you finally get called for interview.

At this point, you’ve done a lot of the hard work, but there are still plenty of tips you’ll need to make sure you show off your best self. Luckily, the Careers team here is all about making you shine.

Are you currently on the lookout for your dream job in tech? We spoke to PwC’s Pat Moran about the cybersecurity sector, which is currently crying out for the right candidates. We also found out what it was like to work at Liberty IT.

This week saw more than 300 jobs announced in Dublin, with almost half of them being engineering roles in ESB.

When you are called for a job interview, you’ll probably be nervously prepping how to sell yourself. Suddenly, you’re there and everything is going really well. Then the recruiter says: ‘I think that’s just about everything, unless you have any questions for us?’.

If you’ve ever experienced brain freeze at this point, don’t worry – you’re not alone. However, you should always have an answer to that question ready. That is to say, you should have a question to that question.

Once you’ve gotten through the interview and asked an engaging question or two, you might be delighted to hear that you’ve been successful and that the job is yours.

There’s a good chance that your first day will involve a lot of introductions, tours and paperwork. But you might be wondering how you’re going to get by after that. That’s why we’ve pulled together some handy career advice for how to spend your first few weeks in a new job and really let your skills shine.

Of course, once you settle in and work to the best of your abilities, you have to watch your work-life balance and make sure you’re not overdoing it. We spoke to international speaker, author and coach, Ryan O’Reilly, about how to watch out for burnout in work.

We don’t only seek to help the jobseekers and employees. The HR side of the table has a massive impact on how good an employee’s experiences can be and if you have a positive working environment, you will also have more productivity and a stronger bottom line.

In that spirit, HR professionals need to make sure their employees can trust them enough to tell them if something is wrong. If you feel like they’re not sharing, we have some advice for you.

HR professionals should also be aware of the differing personalities within their team. If you have any introverts in your organisation (and studies show you have plenty), then you should make sure they’re in an environment that will make them thrive.

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9. How to accommodate your introverted employees

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