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Want to know the key to career happiness?

9 Dec 2016

This week saw a lot of jobs announced in both Limerick and Dublin. However, for those looking to enhance the jobs they already have, we have some advice.

This week, almost 400 jobs were announced across the country. But whether you’re moving to a new job or staying put, optimal workplace happiness is key.

What can you do to improve your current work situation? What should you be looking out for to achieve the perfect work-life balance?

If you are looking to make a move in the new year, you’ll also need to know what the most in-demand jobs and skills are for 2017.

It was a good week for Dublin with over 250 jobs announced this week and another 130 in Limerick.

Japan’s largest pharmaceutical company Takeda got the week off to a good start, with 40 jobs announced for their new facility in Grangegorman.

It was a beautiful day for biotechnology start-up Nuritas when U2 duo Bono and The Edge invested in the company, with plans to triple its workforce in 2017.

Dublin also received a massive jump in jobs, as cloud software firm Enterpryze announced 200 new roles.

Meanwhile, fibre optic technology player Acacia Communications announced plans to create 30 new jobs at its EMEA/APAC headquarters in Limerick.

The week ended on a high, with 30 more jobs coming to Dublin in the form of risk management roles in MDO Management Company, and Limerick got another big boost with 100 new tech R&D jobs at Becton Dickinson and Company (BD).

For those looking to make a move, it seems the world is your oyster; but are you prepared for your interview? Try your hand at the strange interview questions below and see how you fare.

If you’re nervous about taking a job abroad, find out what it was like for Dan Muldoon when he moved from Jersey City to Dublin to work at PwC.

When it comes to everyday work, we can all go through struggles. Whether you’re just starting out or not, you will want to get along with your colleagues. Friendly workmates mean good teamwork, which will give you a happier work environment. We have some tips on how to win them over.

If you’re starting to feel like your head is melting from all the end-of-year meetings, we also have some top tips on how to get through them without losing focus.

Skills of the future

We’re also taking a look at what is most in demand for the coming year. Have you made a career bucket list? We’ve got tips from the team at Hays Recruitment on how to fulfil it. Hays also helped us break down the hottest jobs in tech and science for the coming year.

One of the top tech jobs on that list is UX designer, and if that’s where your passion lies, we’ve also broken down how you can become one, with guidance from industry professionals.

Another top job for 2017 is data scientist. Why is data science so important? There are plenty of reasons.

If you’re looking towards DevOps and coding, Shawn Powers from online training platform CBT Nuggets has some expert advice on what will give you a competitive edge.

If working at the cutting edge of video is your dream, then the exciting jobs announcement from Huawei in November has probably piqued your interest. This week, they talked to about who they’re hoping to hire.

Finally, for the millennials who feel like they’re getting a bad rep for attention spans that are shorter than a goldfish’s, don’t panic – it can actually be an excellent asset in the workplace.

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4. Is it possible to be paid too much money?

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5. All I want for Christmas is a bonus

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9. The most in-demand skills you need for an open source job

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10. How to be a UX designer

With technology constantly moving forward, jobs and roles are evolving all the time, and the tech talent gap is still a problem. User experience (UX) designers are highly sought after in the market at the moment, but what exactly is a UX designer and how do you become one?

11. Can you answer these out-of-the-box interview questions?

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12. How to move on from a job rejection

Have you ever made it to the final stages of a job application, only to be pipped at the post? Or gotten an interview for your dream job, only to spectacularly crash and burn? Job rejection is hard, but it happens to even the best candidates. The key is to pick yourself up and move on.

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