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In the melting pot of careers news, we find a learning moment

25 Nov 2016

In a week light on jobs, it’s the constant drive for career improvement that shines through the murk.

This week has been a bit of a melting pot of careers news – we’ve been all over the map, from advice to profiles, and from insights to forward-looking.

What ties it all together? A drive for improvement.

This week saw us tackling a short series on IT contracting – essentially freelancing within the tech sector – from Hays Recruitment.

Taking in everything from what an IT contractor is, to advice on how to land a job, and to succeed at it, the series helped us learn what a life in contracting can look at.

For a good jumping off point, check out the explainer on how to become an IT contractor below.

Perhaps step one should be getting a good tech education.

That’s far more likely for a lot more people in Ireland now, as a recent report from the STEM Education Review Group once more called on the Irish government to add computer science to the national curriculum.

If primary and secondary-school education let us down in this regard, however, we can be reassured by the fact that it’s never too late to learn.

This week, we heard from An Cosán, an education institute that has recently partnered with Three to bring education – and higher education – to a broader number of people through technology.

This week also gave us ample opportunity to take a look at the benefits of a truly equal education.

Speaking at the launch of the aforementioned report, Dublin City University president Brian MacCraith said the imbalance in the gender make-up of the STEM sector is ‘unacceptable’.

It’s also relatively short-lived: look back at the early days of computer programming and hacking – women played an equal part in the work.

Codebreaking institute Bletchley Park is a prime example of this. Populated largely by women during the codebreaking heyday of World War II, Bletchley brought together the best and brightest, regardless of gender.

Now, reports say, the location is to be home to codebreakers once more, with cybersecurity firm Qufaro announcing plans to move onto the historic site.

The women (and men) at Bletchley were hyper intelligent – but did they need to be?

This week, we took a look at an infographic that suggests that it is personality (among other things), and not IQ, that determines success. Was Bletchley just full of the optimum personalities?

This is good news if you’re hoping to get into sci-tech, and are worried your skills and brainpower are just not up to snuff.

It might give you a little more confidence to apply for one of the myriad jobs being advertised by seven of the top US companies hiring in Ireland right now.

Finally, we got some tips and pointers from some people pursuing careers in the tech sector.

Eventbrite PR manager Sebastian Boppert gave us an insight into how much social media has changed the face of PR and marketing.

Researcher and University of Limerick lecturer Gabriela Avram gave us a glimpse of how her days unfold.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. How to become an IT contractor 

We’ve looked at what an IT contractor is, but how do you actually become one? Daniel Dubbert, the IT contracting operations manager with Hays Recruitment, has the answers.

2. New report calls for computer science to be a Leaving Cert subject

A new report has once again called on the Department of Education and Skills to introduce computer science as a Leaving Certificate subject.

3. Technology is the key to accessible education

Education is one of the most important assets to jobseekers. But what if access to education is not all that easy? Liz Waters talks about how An Cosán together with Three are providing equal access to higher education.

4. Prof Brian MacCraith: Gender imbalance in STEM is unacceptable

Following the publishing of a new three-year report into Ireland’s current state of play when it comes to STEM education, Prof Brian MacCraith has called the existing gender imbalance ‘unacceptable’.

5. Bletchley Park will be home to codebreakers again in 2018

Having been saved from the brink of demolition, Bletchley Park is to be a codebreaker hub once again, as a cybersecurity group announces its plans to open a new centre there in 2018.

6. Want to be successful? It’s about more than IQ

We’ve been led to believe that high intellect and hard work are the keys to success. Where does that leave those who weren’t blessed with a high IQ? As it turns out, there are a lot of other factors that are much more important when it comes to success in life.

7. 7 US companies hiring in Ireland right now

Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate the festive season, we’ve rounded up seven American companies that are hiring people in Ireland right now.

8. Eventbrite manager: Social media has changed the PR game

We’re surrounded by innumerable articles telling us that tech is a job growth area, and they’re right. But what opportunities are there for the non-technically minded?

9. Lecturing: A mutual learning experience and a job for storytellers

You may have sat in a crowded theatre listening to a lecturer waxing poetic on their subject. It may even have seemed like an easy job to you. But what is it really like to be a university lecturer?

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