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PwC has partnered up with Coursera

Coursera releasing data analytics course with PwC

18 Aug 2016

PwC has partnered with Coursera to bring out a data analytics course.

A provider of both free and paid-for online courses, Coursera’s position in that sphere of education is pretty interesting.

Through partnerships with the likes of Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Edinburgh, Peking University and more than 135 other organisations and institutions, it has established itself as a very popular arena for students to find courses that suit their schedule.

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And, given the variability of job markets on both local and global levels, it can offer studies that people may find it hard to access in any tangible form.

So, when it partnered up with PwC to create a data analytics course, it made sense.

“Coursera is devoted to helping individuals advance their careers with access to the best education institutions, and we’re excited to expand this work by providing courses from leading global employers like PwC,” said Rick Levin, Coursera’s founder and CEO.

“PwC has a unique understanding of exactly what employers are seeking in roles that require basic data analysis skills, along with skills for how to communicate that data.

“We are delighted that PwC will now be able to help educate high-potential people all around the world in these key skills through our platform.”

Starting 22 August, ‘Data Analysis and Presentation Skills’ appears to be the start of a number of courses the duo will produce in the future – and it complements a number of other analytics courses available on Coursera.

“Our collaboration with Coursera is about more than creating courses; it’s about helping people become more confident as they face the future,” said PwC’s Agnes Hussherr.

“We hope that we’ll play a part in building a generation of confident leaders who can inspire trust in others and be ready to solve the important problems faced by the businesses they lead.”

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