Ex-Eircom chairman joins triple-play firm

19 Jul 2006

An ex-chairman of Eircom and former European Commissioner Ray McSharry has become chairman of the board of fast-growing triple-play firm Envi, which has been focusing its efforts on providing futuristic communications networks to new home owners and apartment developments around Ireland.

Envi was set up in 2005 to deliver cutting-edge digital home services such as multi-channel digital TV, high-capacity broadband internet and digital telephony.

Envi’s managing director Colm Hayden acknowledged that in the Irish market it is difficult to excite consumers about broadband, despite general interest in the technology.

“Unlike selling mobile phones, with broadband there is nothing to touch or feel,” said Hayden. “For the great majority of ordinary consumers, broadband is now, or will rapidly become, a mainstream utility.

“Of real importance to consumers is the application of broadband in providing entertainment, communications and educational functions within the home. We provide the network, hardware and software that goes with it, to deliver an integrated service and product range for home networking and entertainment in new-build homes, giving ease of use and tangibility to Envi’s services.”

Hayden said Envi’s strategy going forward is to invest in expanding its national coverage.

“We are also aggressively recruiting developers by highlighting the benefits of our turnkey approach, in helping them to attract buyers and ultimately sell their units faster and at the optimum price.”

Hayden said the company is completing its second round of funding and will be announcing details shortly.

In welcoming former Commissioner McSharry to the board Hayden said: “I am confident that his ‘big business’ experience and leadership qualities will play a significant role in the successful implementation of our ambitious plans.”

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Former European Commissioner Ray McSharry with Envi managing director Colm Hayden

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