Export-driven companies can help Ireland recover – Chambers Ireland

31 Mar 2011

The 6pc increase of Irish exports in 2010 demonstrates the international opportunities available to Irish companies and the country’s economy, says Chambers Ireland.

“Today’s CSO figures highlight the importance of exports for Ireland’s economic recovery. Exports of medical and pharmaceutical products increased by 15pc to €24,320m, organic chemicals by 8pc to €19,127m and petroleum and related materials by 78pc to €949m,” said Seán Murphy, Chambers Ireland deputy chief executive.

Murphy believes export-driven companies have a key role in contributing to Ireland’s economic growth and recovery.

“The Government must do all it can to facilitate the retention and creation of jobs in order for this trend to continue. This could include reduced costs for businesses in the form of local authority rate reductions, giving serious consideration to abandoning the move to reverse the cut in the national minimum wage, and abolishing all of those registered employment agreements (REA) and employment regulation orders (ERO) that no longer serve any purpose,” Murphy concluded.

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