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How will your career evolve as the fintech sector grows?

28 Apr 2017

As the fintech sector is continuously evolving, you need to track how the future of work will follow the industry in order to achieve success.

It’s Fintech Week here at, so we were exploring the career opportunities and changes happening within the fintech sector.

With blockchain and fintech start-ups springing up like daisies, it is a new and exciting time in the world of work.

For a start, you are probably wondering what future jobs will be available in fintech, as banking as we know it transforms into an online entity and long-standing financial institutions are shapeshifting for a new era.

On that note, we spoke to Bank of Ireland’s start-up community manager, Ita O’Sullivan, about the kind of jobs you can get in the fintech sector.

Once you know what job you want and have the right skills, you’ll probably want to start applying right away. Luckily, we rounded up six companies that are looking for fintech professionals right now.

If you want to work in this sector, you’ll need to brush up on the latest goings-on in the industry, and what better way to do that than to follow the experts online? To save you some trouble, we’ve provided you with a list of 10 people to follow on Twitter if you want to work in the fintech sector.

We also spoke to Hays Recruitment to give you some insight into the types of candidates that are in demand, and how financial companies are moving towards the tech company culture of perks and cushy offices.

For those looking for opportunities outside of the fintech sector, we didn’t forget about you.

For a start, there were nearly 400 jobs announced this week between Dublin and Belfast, across various industries including software development and biotech.

Speaking of biotech, NIBRT is having its Careers in Biopharma event this weekend and to mark this, we’ve rounded up eight companies that could help you grow your career in the industry.

When it comes to software development, a recent report showed that the percentage of Dublin workers who can be considered programmers is higher than any city in Ireland and the UK.

We also spoke to Robert Byrne, director with PwC technology consulting, to give you an insight into what his job is like.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. What kind of jobs can I get in fintech these days?

The fintech sector is growing, but what does that mean for those with banking experience? Bank of Ireland’s Ita O’Sullivan says there is a variety of new roles in the industry.

2. 10 people to follow if you want a career in fintech

If you want to work in the exciting and innovative world of fintech, following these top influencers and role models on Twitter is a good place to start.

3. 6 top companies hiring in fintech right now

As fintech becomes more and more central to the future of financial services, globally, the number of jobs in the sector is trending upwards.

4. How is tech culture changing the face of financial services?

Tech is synonymous with workplace perks, from on-site restaurants and lifestyle benefits to unlimited holidays. Here, Hays’ Carolyn Dickason looks at how those perks are starting to move into a more traditional sector: financial services.

5. Bank vs start-up: What you need to know about working in fintech

With fintech start-ups blossoming everywhere and big financial institutions catching up fast, how will working in fintech change between banks and start-ups? Gene Murphy, entrepreneur in residence at Bank of Ireland, shares his insights.

6. Candidates with IoT experience are necessary in fintech jobs

Looking for a job in fintech? The industry needs candidates with data science and IoT experience, according to Geoff Fawcett at Hays.

7. ‘It’s great to do something at work that can have a real impact’

Corporations have an enormous capacity – and responsibility – for helping and supporting the communities in which they’re based. Here, Liberty IT director of HR, Cathy Donnelly, gives us an insight into the work the tech company is doing in its community.

8. In tech consulting, you never really stop learning

Some of the world’s biggest consultancy firms are household names, PwC among them. But do you have any idea what a consultant actually does?

9. 8 companies that can help you grow your career in biopharma

Ahead of NIBRT’s Careers in Biopharma event, we take a look at eight of the top biopharma companies helping people to grow their careers in Ireland.

10. 4 ways to ace your technical interview as a developer

Almost 10pc of those working in Ireland’s capital are developers. That’s a lot of competition for development roles. Here, Barbara McCarthy, director of engineering at HubSpot, offers some tips for nailing your technical interview and standing out from the crowd.

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