Generation Y expects to use mobile devices at work

3 Oct 2011

Third-level business students in Ireland expect their future employers to allow them to use their favourite gadgets for work purposes and to be supplied with the latest technology, new research suggests.

The study, by Citrix Systems Ireland, shows that more than half of those surveyed (54pc) are currently using four or more portable computing devices each day for both their college and personal lives.

Almost all of those surveyed (90pc) think it’s important to be able to work remotely. This is reflected in how they do their college work – with 86pc preferring to work on a laptop compared to a traditional PC (3pc).

In their future employment, they will expect the same from corporate IT, with 79pc preferring an employer to give them a portable computing device over a traditional PC.

The findings are in line with Citrix’s recently launched Bring Your Own (BYO) Index, which researched how large enterprises are handling this growing trend toward the consumerisation of IT.

BYO Index findings

The Citrix BYO Index finds that 92pc of organisations said they are aware that workers use their personally-owned devices for work purposes. Of these organisations, 28pc are officially using their own device at work – this is set to increase to 38pc within 24 months, a trend which will be welcomed by the next generation as they enter the workforce.

“The consumerisation of IT is an ongoing development in businesses across the country. This research demonstrates that Generation Y is going to accelerate this process as it enters the workforce over the next couple of years,” said Niall Gilmore, county manager for Citrix Systems Ireland.

“While the Citrix BYO Index shows that organisations are recognising these changes, this local research highlights that this shift is very imminent.”

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