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Survey suggests Covid-related work stress weighing heavier for women

23 Jul 2020

In a Glassdoor survey of 1,000 UK workers, worry over job security was identified as the main reason for higher levels of anxiety, sleeplessness and depression.

A recent survey from Glassdoor has suggested that workers in the UK are experiencing anxiety, sleeplessness and depression as they work through Covid-19. It also suggested that women are experiencing greater levels of work-related stress than men during the pandemic.

Based on responses from more than 1,000 people, 40pc said they have experienced heightened anxiety since the beginning of Covid-19 restrictions in the UK, 34pc have experienced more sleeplessness and 22pc are experiencing greater levels of depression.

Nearly half (42pc) of those surveyed said their motivation levels have dropped in recent months and 40pc said they’ve been experiencing a lack of energy.

Women reported greater stress levels at work as a result of Covid-19, Glassdoor said, with 47pc saying they had experienced anxiety, compared with 33pc of men. Women who took part in the survey also expressed lower levels of motivation and greater amounts of sleeplessness.

Job security was one of the main factors cited as contributing to the increased anxiety, sleeplessness and depression, Glassdoor said.

More than a quarter (27pc) of respondents identified it as the cause of their negative experiences, while 26pc cited problems with their workload and 23pc reported poor communication from their employer.

Glassdoor EMEA director Joe Wiggins said that “it’s clear UK employees are having a tough time right now, managing heavy workloads, trying to find a work-life balance and staying motivated and energised”.

“To help, employees should consider how they can nurture their physical and mental wellbeing through exercise, hobbies and practising mindfulness to reduce anxiety, as well as meditation to support quality sleep.”

More than a third of employees said they feel their work performance has been hindered by the pressure they are facing at the moment. Around one in five said their company has not done enough to look after the physical and mental wellbeing of staff during the pandemic.

Glassdoor also asked participants how they are handling the additional pressures posed by Covid-19. It said that 28pc of respondents are doing more exercise to blow off steam, 17pc have taken time away from work and 16pc have picked up a new hobby.

Lisa Ardill
By Lisa Ardill

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