Global tech giants unite to recruit professionals who can Make IT in Ireland

16 Jan 2013

What could bring rivals like Facebook and Twitter or Google and Microsoft to work together? The need to solve a common problem, like the growing demand for skilled professionals in the tech industry in Ireland, that’s what.

A number of major tech companies with a base in Ireland have come together to promote Ireland’s booming technology sector and the career opportunities therein through a new website and social media campaign.

Despite the country’s economic woes, the tech sector has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, employing 74,000 people directly and some 200,000 people indirectly. This has brought with it increased demand for professionals with skills in tech, business and languages. Software developers, online marketing experts and multilingual staff in sales, support and customer service are in greatest demand.

It is estimated that 4,500 positions are now available in the tech sector, and more roles could be filled if more qualified professionals were readily available.

Recruitment software and marketing company Zartis has brought global tech giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, Twitter and Intel together to create in an effort attract qualified workers from around the world to Ireland. Here, visitors will be able to see what jobs are available within these top tech companies in Ireland, as well as information on living and working in the country.

Through the website and the campaign’s presence on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, it will promote career opportunities and lifestyle in Ireland.

“Dublin has become one of the world’s leading tech hubs. There are fantastic career opportunities for people with IT, business and multi-lingual skills, and it’s one of the best cities in the world to live in,” said John Dennehy, CEO of Zartis.

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

Elaine Burke was editor of Silicon Republic until 2023, and is now the host of For Tech’s Sake, a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network. Elaine joined Silicon Republic in 2011 as a journalist covering gadgets, new media and tech jobs. She later served as managing editor before stepping up as editor in 2019. She comes from a background in publishing and is known for being particularly pernickety when it comes to spelling and grammar – earning her the nickname, Critical Red Pen.

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