How do Facebook and Google’s workplaces compare? (infographic)

23 Mar 2012

Looking to get a job in Google or Facebook? An infographic from Glassdoor compares the two companies, which both compete to attract tech talent, to see what the pros and cons are of working for each company.

Both Google and Facebook have operations in Dublin city centre and both companies compete with one another to attract the top tech talent to their companies.

According to the infographic, Google has overtaken Facebook in employee satisfaction for the first time in four years. Based on a five-point scale, Google’s company rating reached 3.9, while Facebook’s was 3.7. On the scale, 5 means ‘very satisfied’ and 1 means ‘very dissatisfied’.

In terms of the pros of working for Google and Facebook, the food was the most talked-about positive aspect of working for both companies. Twenty-five per cent of Facebook employees and 29pc of Google employees spoke favourably about the food.

Seventeen per cent of Facebook employees spoke favourably about the benefits. In Google, 21pc of employees spoke highly of both benefits and job perks while working at the company.

When comparing salaries for software engineers, Facebook paid their staff more, with an average base salary of US$110,874 and a US$13,781 cash bonus. Meanwhile, Google pays their software engineers an average base salary of US$103,228 with a cash bonus of US$18,117.

As for leadership confidence, employees at both Google and Facebook thought highly of their CEOs. Ninety-two per cent of Facebook employees approve of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg while 94pc of Google employees approve of Google CEO Larry Page.

Job applicants found interviews at Google slightly more difficult than Facebook interviews, facing questions such as ‘how can I get to some gold in the middle of the Amazon in the cheapest way possible?’

Facebook vs Google infographic

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