Jobseekers need to be aware of these emerging industry trends
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Jobseekers need to be aware of these emerging industry trends

20 Jul 2018982 Views

Regardless of what area within the thriving tech industry you want to get into, there are a few emerging trends you need to be aware of that will dictate the most important skills for you to develop.

In the working world, it seems like employees constantly have to keep an eye out for ways that they can re-skill to keep up with how much roles across all sectors are changing due to advances in technology.

Things like AI and IoT offer totally new dimensions both to how we work and how we gather and interpret information. This inspires much to think about, not only for one’s current role but the kind of role you may be hoping to get in the future.

Are you an empathetic person who works well in collaborative environments? These may not be skills that you necessarily think are important for landing roles in prestigious tech companies such as Slack but, right now, it’s a top priority for the firm when hiring new talent at its slick Dublin office.

Automation has brought a wave of changes across many industries, particularly the automotive industry where some of the largest firms are doggedly battling it out to become market leaders in autonomous vehicles. We spoke to Margaret Toohey, a senior software developer at Jaguar Land Rover, about the kind of skills she needs to tackle the unique and challenging problems that arise when trying to create software for a self-driving car.

Another role that has been transformed over the years is that of a systems engineer. Now that everything is cloud-based, there’s a lot more to the role – so explained Roseanna McDonald who is a Windows systems engineer at Globoforce.

For the most part, these shifts in technology are exciting to witness. They offer new opportunities both to the public in general and employees working in tech more specifically. Yet is the industry ready for these changes? We spoke to EY’s Susan McNicholl, who has been working in the tech industry for more than a decade, about how a lack of diversity could really throw a spanner in the works and mar what are otherwise technologies with excellent potential for the wider world.

On the jobs announcements front, healthcare IT giant Cerner announced that it is to create 50 R&D jobs in Dublin for the management of data for its European clients.

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Eva Short
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