Irish employees have second-shortest working week in EU

29 Jun 2011

Irish people in full-time employment work the second shortest week out of the 27 European Union nations, according to new research by Eurostat.

The EU Labour Force Survey for 2010 showed that full-time employees in Ireland worked an average of 38.4 hours per week, compared to an EU average of 40.4 hours.

Denmark was the only country that had a shorter average working week, at 37.7 hours.The Netherlands and Italy took third and fourth place, at 38.9 and 39 hours, respectively.

Weekly working hours for full-time employees were longest in the UK, at 42.2 hours, followed by Austria at exactly 42 hours and Bulgaria and the Czech Republic which registered an average of 41.2 hours.

In all Member States, men had longer working hours than women among full-time employees (41.1 compared to 39.3). The same was true for Ireland, where, on average, men worked about three hours (39.9 hours) a week longer than women (36.6).

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