110 jobs announced across Ireland this week, from Dublin to Belfast
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110 jobs announced across Ireland this week, from Dublin to Belfast

20 Oct 2017618 Views

October is proving to be a banner month in terms of jobs announcements.

Here in the Careers section, we like jobs announcements. Really, what’s not to like? It’s always great to hear of new opportunities being offered to employees and of businesses experiencing growth.

For most of this week, things were quiet on the employment front.

There is always something interesting to find in this section (and on the site in general, of course), but truth be told we were a little disappointed that we couldn’t gleefully reveal jobs-related news.

Then Thursday brought with it a slew of jobs announcements, with a total of 110 positions being created this week.

October seems to be doing especially well by way of jobs creation. A fortnight ago, we announed that an astonishing 1,600 jobs were created.

What was particularly great to see was that these jobs weren’t concentrated in the capital – there are jobs available in Belfast, Dublin, Athlone and Roscommon.

Health tech company Neurovalens, notable for developing a headband which stimulates the vestibular nerve in order to promote fat loss, has 10 jobs in engineering and marketing on offer in Belfast.

RBK, an accounting firm which has offices in Dublin, Athlone and Roscommon, has 80 jobs available across its branches, and has opened up a new office in Dublin 4.

A firm named Fragomen announced plans to open a new office in Dublin to help tech companies streamline the immigration process for staff coming to Ireland to work – and, with that, announced 20 positions available.

Not only did we feature newly created jobs, we also got to sit down and talk to individuals employed in STEM and discuss their current employers.

We spoke to a pre-sales engineer in Kemp Technologies and a scientist at Bristol Myers-Squibb.

For more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. ‘I’m delighted that Kemp has given me this opportunity’ 

Pre-sales engineer Michael O’Brien details his experience working in Kemp Technologies as a support engineer during his studies.

2. Biological processes and their endless potential at BMS 

For Gearóid Dunne, keeping pace with the worldwide biopharmaceutical industry is a rewarding challenge.

3. Fragomen to hire 20 in Dublin to streamline tech staff immigration 

Fragomen aims to speed up the immigration process for tech staff to Ireland with the opening of a new office in Dublin.

4. Accounting firm RBK announces 80 new jobs in Dublin and the midlands 

New positions in finance and HR were announced at the official opening of RBK’s new Dublin 4 office.

5. Neurovalens hiring for 10 roles in Belfast after raising £1.2m on Indiegogo 

Neurovalens is offering positions in engineering and marketing.

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