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Joyous news for jobseekers: More than 2,000 roles announced in Ireland in July

3 Aug 2018

July was a healthy month for jobs creation, with plenty of surprises in store.

Last month really was a stunning win for jobs in Ireland, one that no one could reasonably expect the month of July to ever beat.

While July fell short relative to the great successes of June, it was still a good month in its own right, with figures that certainly shouldn’t be sniffed at.

A total of 2,210 new jobs in Ireland were revealed this July, spread over 14 announcements. Interestingly, most of these roles were concentrated in Ulster.

As one may expect, when companies are setting up an Irish base of operations, especially in the case of FDIs, they generally elect to go for our country’s capital. They can’t be blamed, as it is to be expected, but it does sometimes mean that job creation is disproportionately centred in Dublin.

It’s nice, therefore, to sometimes have another part of the country take the spotlight. There were 340 jobs announced in Leinster, 110 of which were in Dublin. Munster saw 380 new positions while Connacht trailed in last with 150. Ulster was awarded the top spot by quite a large margin, with a total of 780 jobs.

The largest jobs announcement in Ulster, and the one that padded these figures considerably, came from life sciences giant Abbott Laboratories. It announced plans to expand its Donegal workforce and create 500 jobs.

In Tyrone, Mallaghan Engineering revealed 210 new roles in manufacturing and engineering as part of its new five-year expansion plan, which will see the company invest millions and undertake “significant” product development.

Neither of these jobs announcements, however, were the largest of the month. That distinction was awarded to professional services firm EY, which announced 520 roles across Ireland.

Due to the fact that the locations of these roles were unspecified, none of these jobs could contribute to the final provincial breakdown of figures. In reality, the figures for Leinster in particular could be different – but it can’t be said with any certainty as of now.

This is also the case with Paradyn’s 40 jobs. The announcement specifies that the new employees will be based in either Dublin or Cork, but doesn’t provide a specific breakdown of what proportion will be where, so were excluded from geographical tallies (though not total tallies).

Another announcement worth an honorary mention is the 200 roles announced by Belfast-headquartered IT company Neueda Technologies. The company is founding a new centre in Athlone, Co Westmeath.

All in all, I’m very pleased to say that three of the largest announcements for the month were not only not Dublin-centric, but weren’t even concentrated in the metropolitan areas. In these times of drastically low supply for housing and property, particularly in large cities, it’s good to see more regional areas receiving economic boons.

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